How It Feels To Date A Japanese Wife?

11 Oct

An instant answer to this is awesome or amazing or whatever word you may want to put in. For me it was pleasurable and a secret that nobody tells to their wives. I am a married American citizen, went to Osaka for a business trip. After my tight working schedule, my fellow colleagues insisted me to have some fun. They suggested me that I should be dating japanese girls and they had some good and discreet contacts. The idea worked like a charm and as the business trip was long and I hadn’t have sex for a long time.

A decent blind date went too personal

One of my Japanese colleagues gave me some good contacts of desperate Japanese wives looking for indulgence and sex. Some of them are divorced and open for any type of discreet relationship. I met a woman, named Mariko, at a pub. The first meet went fine and we greeted each other decently. She was curious to know about my personal life but she was a little tight lipped about her own story. Later I came to know that her husband had cheated on her several times and she was out for revenge.

Playing the role of a friend

I am a very friendly person by nature. It took me just 3 meetings to make her feel that she can trust me. My visa was about to expire in a week and I only had a few days to enjoy. I revealed all my desire to her and told that I find her very attractive. She was happy and quiet apprehensive while I was complementing her beauty. Then, one day I met her and told her straight that I want to spend a night together. At first, she was confused but her attitude was quiet welcoming. I told her that I am a real stupid and I do not know the rules of dating japanese girls. She laughed at me and told me that she will be coming in my hotel the next day.

Right time and right place

I was prepared to turn her on with my antique foreplay. I used to do it with my girlfriend turned wife long time ago. Mariko came in my hotel room and I locked the door. I suddenly grabbed her from behind. I started fondling her breasts and kissing on her neck slowly. She told me to stop and go slowly; she will be staying here all night long. We had intense sex three times in a row that night each time with an equally intense orgasm. It feels great to make a Japanese wife happy.

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A Blind Date Gone Wild In Nagoya

12 Jul

I love local dating sites as some of them really give you some good leads. I was studying In Nagoya, a major city in Japan. Staying away from your girlfriend for a long time makes you a sex starved monster. I was looking for a match, preferably a cute Japanese girl, for having some real fun during my stay in Nagoya. I suddenly got a jackpot when I signed up in a local website offering dating japanese girls service. I got a good amount of leads there. From the lot, Sachiyo, a 23 year old Japanese girl got all my attention. She was very beautiful and I decided to meet her at all cost.

The dating proposal

I was looking for quick sex as I was in no mood for a serious relation. There were some Japanese girls who also have similar desires. I hit a bull’s eye with Sachiyo. She was smart, reluctant to get laid with a stranger. I told her over this asian sex cams chat site that I want to take her to a date somewhere. She told me that she doesn’t like crowded places like clubs and Movie Theater. I realized that she wants to get a little private and there is no place fit right for this requirement except my own apartment. I stayed with a guy there and I told him to give me privacy for a while as Sachiyo is coming to meet me. He readily agreed and he went to see his parents that day. I was alone in the apartment and she rang the bell at the perfect time.

The towel story

I was very happy to see Sachiyo in person. I was never into dating japanese girls before her. She came all the way from Yokohama. She was quiet tired and I offered her a drink. She told me that she wants to take a shower before we talk further. I showed her my bathroom and she went in. I was waiting for her in my bedroom and started cooking my fantasies with her. Suddenly, she shouted from the bathroom that she needs a towel. I had my towel at the bathroom but somehow I may have misplaced it. I started looking at my closet and found an old towel. I went to the door and knocked to give her the towel. She opened the door wide, showing me her naked body. I was in a shock and she let me in to rub her off. After I entered into my bathroom, she turned on the shower and I got completely wet. That moment, I discovered my towel at the bathroom. She was just being naughty, I realized. She laughed at me and came a little closer. The fun started when we both took a shower together getting too close with each other.

The climax

After a warm shower at the bathroom, we rubbed each other well with the towel and came in my bedroom again. We weren’t wearing anything. She told me that she always had a dream to take shower with a foreign guy. Her dreams have come true and now it was my turn. She asked me whether I want her to do anything. I told her just to go with the flow and not to force it. She was quiet humble and started making out with me being very gentle. At first she got on top of me and sat above my mouth. I ran my tongue inside her slowly and passionately. She responded at my efforts by bending her hip. Then, she lied down and I went on top of her and started it with the missionary style. She really liked the way I entered into her. She spread her legs wide open and I felt really good. We had a great sex that day. She went out with a smile and we never met again.

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Getting Close With A Japanese MILF At A Birthday Party

11 Jul

Having sex with an Asian is a wonderful experience. For those having fantasies for elder women, it is a dream come true to fuck a Japanese MILF. They are beautiful, hot and busty. They have a long term experience to make a man happy at bed and this experience make them even hotter. I had a similar experience of fucking a Japanese woman, a mother of two children, at a private birthday party. It is a complete myth; people think that Japanese girls are too skinny. Natsumi, a 35 year old lady and a mother of two beautiful children, was a real sex goddess. She had a great body somewhat similar to what we see in a Hentai movie.

The cream incident

The birthday party that she organized for her younger children was amazing. The big hall was decorated nicely. There were a handful of guests and it was a close neighborhood. I joined the party a little late when some of the guests are already leaving. She was quiet upset and I explained about the last minute delay at the office. I gifted her baby boy a toy in a big package. He was very happy. Then, she offered me cake. The cake was so tasty that I used my hands to eat the piece. A portion of the cream suddenly fell on my shirt. She noticed it and took me to the kitchen for wash. She told me to take off my shirt and she will clean it off quickly. I was feeling a little embarrassed but she insisted me. While taking off my shirt, I realized that she was ogling at my bare chest. I have an athlete like figure that most of the women find attractive. I haven’t thought in all my life that I would be dating japanese girls but this close encounter with Natsumi, got me thinking.

Birthday at the hall – fun at the kitchen

Natsumi was wearing a party dress and it was really gorgeous. I watched her come slowly towards me with her uplifted breasts, and I admired her wish with a smile. I gave a subtle smile with a hint of being passionate about her. She was bold and doesn’t seem worried about the consequences. I told her that kids are playing outside; they might come looking for you. She said ‘I have my friends there to look after them, you don’t worry at all’. She pulled down my pant and sat bending her knees. I surrendered to her like an easy prey.

We did it at last

After she made my tool hard enough to use, she grabbed the platform of her kitchen cabinet and shook his back. I was out of control and ran to her bulky white ass. I grabbed it tightly and put my mouth inside. She was moaning with joy. I was not used to dating japanese girls but this day I thought that Japanese MILFs are the best to satisfy my darkest fantasies. We had a great sex. The behind posture worked well until I came and she suddenly moved under me and cleaned up all the cream!

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